The GXI-e1000 is a short range ground based Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) with short and very short range imaging, interferometric and change detection capabilities. The GXI-e1000 can be used for monitoring deformation and millimetric movements of buildings, structures and natural environments.

The radar front-end is an X-band direct deramping Linear Frequency Modulated Continuous Waveform radar architecture. The radar front-end specifications are summarized as follow:




Waveform type


Frequency range

from 9.95 to 10.75 GHz

Chirp rate

up to 1.5 THz/s

Output power

-4 dBm

Minimum detectable signal

-130 dBm

Dynamic range

> 80 dB

Noise figure

5 dB


Single Pol

Full Pol


The very large bandwidth of the transmitted waveform allows for a range resolution down to 20 cm.

The antenna system consists of one transmitting and one receiving elements for the single polarimetric configuration or two transmitting and two receiving elements for the full polarimetric configuration.

The radar cabinet and the antenna system are installed on a moving carriage and a linear encoder reads the exact position of the carriage on the rail. The control unit interfaces the brushless motor and the linear encoder with the radar digital unit, which automatically controls the radar scan.

The embedded ventilation system ensures a proper thermal dissipation guaranteeing the IP55 enclosure protection.

The GXI-e1000 has the following features:

  • easy deployable

  • low power consumption

  • very low electromagnetic transmission

  • deployable in a radar sensor network


gxi  gxi2


All the above characteristics makes the GXI-e1000 easily installable in all weather, day/night conditions and close to civilian buildings and structures.

The GXI-e1000 can be modified according to the customer’s needs for different applications in all operative conditions and scenarios.

The GXI-e1000 can be used for:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Infrastructural monitoring (buildings, bridges,…)
  • Urban and rural area monitoring

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