PEGASUS is a passive radar system used for providing detection and tracking capability for aerial and maritime surveillance. The system exploits illuminators of opportunity such as commercial broadcast and communications signals (i.e. UMTS, DVB-T, LTE, DVB-S).

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Because of the continuous increase of the aerial and maritime traffic, surveillance systems are demanded to enhance the airport and harbour surveillance without affecting the e.m. pollution levels. PEGASUS is a GREEN technology since it does not emit electromagnetic signals.

PEGASUS offers an effective solution for homeland security without employing transmitters, therefore minimizing costs and power consumption. No e.m. emissions allow to safely install PEGASUS in sensible areas like densely populated urban area, national parks, critical infrastructures etc. This can include the monitoring of potentially malevolent operators, such as illegal fishing vessels, hazardous cargo transporters and low flight objects.

Thanks to the availability of Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)-based programmable hardware platforms and system on chip (SoC) architectures, time processing and size of radar are drastically reduced. Such an approach not only reduces the cost of the system, but increases the system integration and provides up-to-date high-performance platform for passive radar signal processing.

Here an example of the obtained results in a maritime scenario:


Range-Doppler map with several targets

Cartesian map with detected targets (black lines) compared to AIS data (coloured lines)

Main advantages of PEGASUS are:

  • No electromagnetic radiationgck6

  • No frequency band allocation

  • Covert Surveillance of moving targets

  • Lightweight System

  • Low cost architecture

  • Low energy requirements

  • Available in Single or Double polarization


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