PHOENIX is a short range Ground Based Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) with short and very short range imaging, interferometric and change detection capabilities. It can be used for monitoring deformation and millimetric movements of buildings, structures (e.g., roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, …) and natural environments (e.g., river banks, landslides, mines, … ).

PHOENIX is based on a direct deramping Linear Frequency Modulated Continuous Waveform radar architecture and it is available both in single polarization (H or V) and fully polarimetric version.

The antenna system consists of one transmitting and one receiving elements for the single polarimetric configuration or two transmitting and two receiving elements for the full polarimetric configuration.

The result of a GB-SAR acquisition is a two-dimensional (range and azimuth) map of the monitored scene, with high spatial resolution and high accuracy. PHOENIX can transmit a signal with a bandwidth up to 1 GHz, thus obtaining a range resolution down to 20 cm. PHOENIX is available both in X and Ku bands.

The phase measurements can be exploited, by using interferometric techniques (InSAR), to derive information on the deformation and topography of the measured scene. A polarimetric change detection technique is used to detect small changes on the target at different times. Such a technique, which was developed for spaceborne and satellite radar remote sensing datasets, detailed scattering mechanisms and deformations can be detected.

Main strengths of PHOENIX are:
• High sensitivity to small deformations
• Imaging capability
• It can operate day and night under all weather conditions (fog, rain etc..)
• Easy deployable
• Low power consumption
• Very low electromagnetic transmission
• Available in X and Ku bands
• Available in Single or Fully polarimetric configuration

PHOENIX can be modified according to the customer’s needs for different applications in all operative conditions and scenario.

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