Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace & Defence

The Aerospace and Defence industry requires fast decision-making processes and innovative technologies. Much often, governments and corporates turn to lean and highly innovative companies – the perfect description of ECHOES – to explore break-through innovations.

Our success is based on the work of our highly skilled team and high know-how supporting the evolving customer needs. We translate technological innovations into smart radar solutions supporting defence and security organizations in their mission.


ECHOES provides fully customizable radar technologies to be deployed on ground, maritime or airborne (UAV and aircraft) platforms for monitoring and surveillance applications with particular attention to size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) constraints.

ECHOES, as regards its solutions and services offered in the Aerospace & Defence sector, is able to cover all the phases of a project, from the requirement definition to the operations of design, development, integration, test and validation by mean of its highly qualified team.


ECHOES has been involved in design and development of full-stack radar payloads, passive radar, noise radar, low-power anti-drone systems, ground and airborne multistatic radar network, image, signal and communication intelligence (IMINT, SIGINT and COMINT).


ECHOES also provides advanced radar signal simulation and processing tools as detection and tracking of moving objects (GMTI and GMTT), synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and Inverse SAR processing, change detection techniques, monopulse and array processing with real-time or off-line capabilities. 


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