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MIMO EvalKit

MIMO EvalKit

MIMO Radar Evaluation Kit is the  outcome of research and development conducted from the Silicon Radar ( and Echoes teams. MIMO Radar will introduce you to 2D radar positioning, distance and speed measurement, as well as functions for real world testing. It features a complete design environment. Based on a fully embedded system you will get a plug and play MIMO radar after installing the included software package on your PC – an easy and cost-effective way to evaluate your ideas and reduce development time.

MIMO EvalKit


The MIMO Radar Chip is placed on an interchangeable PCB, the front end board. Beyond the chip it includes the radar antennas. The front end board is controlled by the base band board which is also included. Here the data from the radar chip gets digitized. Underlying these two boards a processing board handles further DSP and the connection of the MIMO evaluation board to your PC. The power is supplied via USB, as well as the connection to a PC. Alternatively, the integrated WIFI module can be used for data transmission.
The current standard evaluation system contains a 24 GHz MIMO front end. Further frontends will be available in the future


The software provides the user with several ways to visualize and adjust the radar data using a standalone GUI. You can easily change system parameters and immediately see the results in the GUI. Another option is to make use of the comprehensive description of the communication protocol. This enables you to program your own DSP.

For further Radar DSP in your product we provide open source libraries. For MIMO DSP software modules are available (please ask for terms of a license) or you can simply program your own DSP.


  • Standalone GUI
  • Communication to PC via Ethernet
  • Embedded software for radar signal processing
  • Target recognition
  • Selectable bandwidth: 500 MHz – 3 GHz
  • Max. range resolution: 7.5 cm

Scope of delivery

1 x EvalKit including :


  • 24 GHz MIMO radar front end
  • baseband board
  • controller board with Ethernet
  • Software installation package

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