Echoes has a strong design-to-deployment capability for FPGA based Signal Processing designs. Echoes’ expertise lies in building and deploying customized FPGA IP Cores  to integrate  in custom software and hardware. We developed a portfolio of IP cores that can be used within customer designs to deliver signal processing solutions for different types of applications spanning across Radar, telecommunication and data signal acquisition.


We offer to our customers the following services and FPGA IP cores:

End-to-End solutions for logic designs

  • Custom FPGA logic design
  • Custom IP development
  • RTL coding in VHDL and Verilog

High-speed interfaces

  • Industry standard I/O interfaces like FMC (VITA 57) and protocols like PCIe, Ethernet, etc

DSP Algorithms on FPGA

  • RADAR signal processing (FFT, FIR filters, Pulse compression, CFAR, Doppler processing, Windowing)
  • Direction finding system (Digital Beamforming)
  • High bandwidth Direct RF sampling and Processing

Verification and Validation environment

  • Development of verification environment using Verilog/VHDL
  • Development of a System Verilog verification environment based on UVM methodology
FPGA Evalboard

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