Training & Workshops

ECHOES offers you a broad range of training options to develop and improve your radar knowledge. During these training programmes, radar technology experts will guide you through the most updated radar and signal processing techniques and system architectures.

These workshops are aimed at attendees with a background in physics, electronic or radar engineering and provides training in the fundamentals of radar theory as well as application exercises to familiarise attendees with the specific  topics. Attendees can also be any existing customers who are interested in learning more about our radar product range or any potential customers who want to see the benefits a ECHOES’ system can provide.

Our available workshops focus on:


  • Radar fundamentals
  • FMCW radar
  • Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and Inverse SAR
  • Multichannel and Multitstatic systems
  • MIMO radar
  • Detection & tracking algorithms and processing techniques
  • Beamforming
  • Passive radar

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