RF Design

ECHOES offers an integrated custom RF/Microwave design service. Our RF engineers are highly experienced in taking a customer’s electrical specification and designing components assemblies to meet the most challenging technical specifications. Our extensive technical expertise is the right choice to complete all stages of your RF product development whether you are looking RF circuit design consulting assistance or a full turn-key solution.

RF Design

ECHOES’ designs are developed through our technical know-how and a well-equipped test and measurement infrastructure for designing RF applications. This includes high-end spectrum analyzers, network analyzers as well as tools for RF simulation using the most updated engineering softwares.

Covering from HF to K bands, our product design experience is significant across a wide-range of products and components including:  
  • End-to-end RF designs for transceivers
  • Transmitter – low to medium power RF transmitters designs
  • Advanced receivers using direct conversion, IF sampling and software defined radio techniques
  • oscillators – VCOs
  • phase-locked loops and synthesizers
  • modulators and demodulators
  • filters –active, passive, and electronically tunable
  • Power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, highly integrated amplifier
  • Development of all sub-systems related to multichannel/MIMO array radar
  • Custom built, ready-to-use modules
  • Test and validation
An example of our developed components:
RF Design Objects

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