Radar Systems Design

ECHOES aims at giving a customer-oriented service in the design of prototypal radar systems. The products are tailored on the customer needs filling the technological gaps that often arise in the ideation of innovative products. 


ECHOES is able to cover all the phases of a project, from the requirement definition to the operations of design, development, integration, test and validation by mean of its highly qualified team.

This optimal design process is achieved through a constant interaction with the customer during the phase of development and hardware testing in order to satisfy the highest quality standards that innovative products should have. 


Due to the academic background and high know how of our team, the system designed and developed are beyond the state of the art with a particular focus on the ease of configuration, use and deployment. 


ECHOES is specialized in radar solutions that keep size, weight, power and cost constraints (SWaP-C) as low as possible thanks to use of modern and advanced technologies, providing highly modular, scalable and fully integrable radar systems.

Radar Systems Design

Contact our engineering team today to discuss about your application. We will provide a tailored radar system according to your requirements.

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